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Quick and Dirty Review of Element E-Liquid Watermelon Chill

Introduction to Element E-Liquid Watermelon Chill: Vibrant, moist watermelon flavours. Stimulating watermelon fulfilled with the sleek chill of mint.

Element E-Liquid Watermelon Chill
Element E-Liquid Watermelon Chill

This original mixture is the perfect solution to beat the temperature. We have now stored our eyesight on Element E-Liquid, we like their branding, in addition to their profiles noise tasty.

We dig Watermelon flavours and Element Watermelon Chill e-liquid is actually a damn fine one! A perfect relaxing blend of Watermelon and funky Minty Menthol making it a great summer vape.

Below is a video review of Element Watermelon Chill e-Liquid.

The balance is quite perfect, and it’s not very sugary or also minty, perfect. We do realize that converting the warmth (Watts) introduced far more Watermelon and fewer Menthol, to help you call in just how rejuvenating you want it. It vapes incredibly clear so it is good in pretty much any atty you can chuck it in.

We miss our package already (did not last for very long). This really is a must have to consider – purchase some right now.

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