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Introductory Assessment of the Smok TFV12 Vaping Tank

This Smok TFV12 assessment is only an introduction and not a complete review. I will test this Cloud Beast King vape tank fully at the earliest opportunity. From everything we have seen so far it’s pretty clear this tank is crazy good.

Utilising 12 headed coils that are capable of vaping up to 350 watts, this thing is insane. If you will be thinking that a tank that accommodates an atomizer with 12 coil heads has to be big, you would be right. The Smok TVF12 is a 28 millimeters tank.

YouTube Video: SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King! First Impressions!

The TFV12 can be a leak proof top fill up vape container with a 6 ml e-juices capacity. It is designed to last you an extremely, very long time. Smok is delivering some of the best mods and tanks in vaping right now. They have got really moved the goal posts for a better (and more optimised) vaping experience.

The TFV12 is for people looking to experience huge vapour production and drive your good performance mods to their very restrictions. Starting off the Smok TFV12 assessment let’s talk about the 6 vape coil alternatives. Whenever you buy the TFV12 you are going to have the V12-T12 coil which is the 12 headed coil. This is the one which will take you to all the way up to 350 watts.

The Smok TFV12 is a monster of a vaping tank
The Smok TFV12 is a monster of a vaping tank

You can get plenty of incredible, huge vapour at lower wattages, but you just might want to attempt the 350 watts just for fun. We are looking forward to the UK release of the Smok TFV12 so we can provide it a thorough review. The TFV12 is bigger and updated with new technological vaping innovations.

Innovations such as heat level of resistance, new window drip suggestion options, larger sized airflow and wear resistant components.nnAs for how it vapes we expect it will be pretty remarkable. Smoktech is definitely on a roll. When I am able to check it out fully I shall update my assessment as best as possible.

Unique Specifications of the Smok TFV12.

What I am able to write about for this Smok TFV12 assessment is the general technical specifications which are already released. It has a large 28 mm circumference with top-fill design and huge changeable airflow. It stands 70 mm tall and weights 91 grams. The tank will handle all of your e-liquids.

The coils are the biggest coils that I have seen so far on a vape tank. Accordingly, the airflow has been enhanced. Consequently, can modify the airflow to suit your personal preference. The TFV12 is leakproof so no worries about leaks and the top fill design assists in keeping things quick, convenient and clean.

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