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About Dana

Dana Dean
Dana Dean

Hi, i’m Dana Dean and i’m excited about bringing you the very best news and reviews on vaping, e-cigs and cheap e-liquids. I started vaping around 3 years when a friend introduced me to an e-cigarette at the local mall.

Ever since i’ve been hooked and love everything about vaping. My favourite flavour is strawberry cream which I usually vape on every day. At the moment i’m using the Smok V8 Stick which is a powerful and slimline vape pen.

My aims.

With this blog I want to show people the reality of the vaping scene and not just blog about the negatives or positives. For millions of people vaping and e-cigs have changes their lives (which includes me) for the better and I hope I can reflect that.

I will try and add at least 2 entries a week and hopefully you will all like them enough to add your own comments.

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